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it's hardware raid not software raid, so there is no synchronisation. each bit is written on both drives at the same time, what would be the use of raid if you couldn't afford to lose a drive, with the exception of raid 0/jbod ofcourse Configuring Arrays on HP Smart Array Controllers Reference Guide capacity as the smallest drive in the array. Any excess capacity of a particular drive cannot be used in the array and is unavailable for data storage. • The more physical drives configured in an array, the greater the probability that the array will experience a drive failure at any time. HP ProLiant Servers Troubleshooting Guide HP ProLiant Servers Troubleshooting Guide September 2005 (Third Edition) Part Number 375445-003 Repair Hp Blade Post Error 1785-drive Array Not Configured ... Figure 05: During POST, Smart -> Embedded Storage -> Dynamic Smart Array B140i and press Enter. Figure 01 Shows "1785-Slot 0b Drive Array Not Configured No 1785 Slot 0 Drive Array Not Configured No Drives Detected Look in the System Management Homepage and Array Configuration Utility and checked my arrays.

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Bash script to check HP Smart Array / drive status in cron ... # ADVISORY: Linux - HP Array Configuration Utility CLI for Linux (Hpacucli) Version 9.00 (Or Later) Is Delayed in Responding if Storage That Is Not Connected to Local Smart Array Controller Is Configured With Multiple LUNs Solved: RAID 1 Protected Mode - Error configuri... - Cisco ...

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Просмотр сообщений - Gekko - Теплый ламповый форум... 1805-Slot X Drive Array - Cache Module Super-Cap is not installed; IMPORTANT: Unsupported Configuration: Cache Module cacheРезультат тот же - ничего не видит: "Drive Array not Configured No Drives detected". Я даже не знаю в каком режиме работал HBA - в режиме бас... linux - mdadm: /dev/md0 assembled from 3 drives - not… Since then, I built a replacement system and transferred the drives over and attempted to start them up.You can see from the events counter and the last update timestamp that sda dropped out of the array, but not much changed between when it dropped out and the last access. Following Arrays have a missing required... - Lenovo… Hi, I have IBM System 3500, configured as RAID 5 with 4 hard drives.However, one of the sata drives failed and its not booting with 3 drives. It seems that there is a problem with Raid configuration.The system was runing on windows server 2008, when this problem occured. Transporting the Array and placed the drives in different…

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Hi, Just setting a trial up of V7 with an HP DL380p Gen8 with the P420i controller, already configured 2 large RAID6 arrays with the built in provisioning. But when going into the ACU CLI and trying to get any details from the controller we just get this message below: => ctrl all show config Smart Array P420i in Slot 0 (Embedded) APPLICATION UPGRADE REQUIRED: This controller has been ... Repair Iml Post Error 1785-drive Array Not Configured ... Solution Of 1785 Drive Array Not Configured No Drives Detected. in Bay 1 and Bay 2. Linux: free download available from HP website. It simply means the controller is detecting some 1785 Slot 0 Drive Array Not Configured No Drives Detected no RAID configured.. We ; Or there is