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What are the pet slots for? I am unable to put my captured pods there O.o..the pods I just throw and a lil pet is there. Where do we get pets to go in...

Subeta FAQ - Subeta There are many ways that you can get Cash Shop Credits, or CSC. ...... How many pet slots can I have total and where can I get more? "Pet slots" is the term we ... Newbie - Pet Info - Subeta You earn 1 referral point and you get 10% of each Cash Shop Credit purchase ..... You can also obtain 1 extra Pet Slot from a Loyalty Box which you get on your  ...

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In case you guys haven't heard, Keith is going to give out free pet slots if enough new users sign up! This is a great time to share Subeta with your friends.Remember that you can earn achievements and prizes just for people viewing your 88x31 linkback button, and there are more achievements and prizes -- including up to $50 worth of CSCs -- for active referrals. Subeta guide to getting rich!

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Like Neopets, Subeta is a virtual pet site, but so much more. ... You can get additional pet slots by purchasing them in the Cash Shop, Millionaire Center, your ... Gold Account | Subeta Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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So a fix like this will hurt those of us who donated enough to get 10 total pet slots so we could run 2 greater dragons? Now if my GD is leveled up I'll only be able to use one of them if I am reading into this system correctly. Yea not a real fan of that idea. No, this should not effect current pets, Im working on the least disruption or changes Misticpets - Brand spanking new petsite - Neocolours The pet art I've seen so far is quite nice. I'm excited for new species and colours, once they're introduced. I really hope they add more pet slots; 10 on Subeta is hard enough already. I haven't been able to choose my pets yet. So many name ideas, so many free, awesome names! I'm trying to make them themed in some way. I really want the bones pet. Subeta Dev | The tutorial blog for Subeta web development I see a lot of people having issues coding pet profiles. This is mostly due to the fact that Subeta utilizes a “fluid” layout, which means that the width of the layout will adjust to your browser window size. This makes coding “static” (one-size; unchanging) pet profiles difficult if you’re not a strong coder.